Define the duration of listings and manage out-of-stock products

Define the duration of listings and manage out-of-stock products

The eBay module allows you to manage the duration of listings and the closing conditions.
You can choose between a limited or indefinite number of days for listings, but also how to handle out-of-stock listings.

In the module configuration page, these options are available in the LISTING DURATION section.

Here you can determine how long your listings will be active on eBay. You can choose the duration of the listing through the drop-down menu.

The "Good 'Till Cancelled" option is unlimited: the eBay listing will be active until you deactivate it. This option is generally recommended, as it allows the listing to remain active.

However, for some product categories, the "Good 'Till Cancelled" option will not be accepted. In this case, you can contact eBay customer service, or reduce the listing time. For more information about the listing period, see this Help page.

The "Automatic re-list" checkbox will automatically re-list your listings at the end of the set period.

It is possible to limit the quantity of items for sale for each listing through the "Limit stock on eBay" option. Enter a number between 1 and 50 to have the stock limited to that specific number of items for each product.

If you do not wish to have this limit, enter a value of "0".

Management of out-of-stock listings

As soon as the quantity of items available in the listing reaches zero, eBay automatically hides the listing in all search results to avoid receiving a default associated with the sale of an out-of-stock item. Although hidden, the listing retains its purchase and search history. This means that when you restock your inventory, the ad will be visible to buyers again.

To hide out-of-stock items from sale, without disabling listings, you need to enable an option in your eBay seller:  
Go to My eBay > Site Preferences and change the "Out of stock" option.

The "out of stock status" option in the eBay module allows you to see if the option is enabled in your eBay account.

First synchronisation of products with quantity "0

During the first synchronisation, the module will not create listing for PrestaShop products that are out of stock. Listings for these products will be created when a new quantity is specified on PrestaShop.
You can, at any time, modify a product on PrestaShop, by specifying a new quantity, for a product that has already been synchronized on eBay. In this case, the module will synchronize the new quantity on eBay. If the quantity of the product is "0", the listing on the marketplace may be closed or display the label "out of stock", according to the rules configured on your eBay account.

Disabled products on PrestaShop

Deactivating products on PrestaShop is not enough to remove listings on eBay.
When you deactivate the product in the back office, this product is added to the "orphan listings" because it is no longer associated with a PrestaShop category, but the product remains available on eBay.
If you also want to stop selling the product on eBay, you will have to delete it on eBay after deactivation on PrestaShop.

However, we recommend deleting the products properly.
To do this, deselect the product in step 3 of the category synchronisation: