eBay2 for PrestaShop - How does it work?

eBay2 for PrestaShop - How does it work?

What do I need to start using the module?

What do I need to start using the module?

To use the eBay2 module for PrestaShop, it is essential to have:

1. An eBay seller account.
The module should be used with a dedicated eBay account. If you already have an eBay account, with products for sale, avoid linking this account to the module. Upon synchronization, the eBay module creates listings with specific identifiers. There is a small chance that the product IDs sent by the module are identical to product IDs already on eBay, but to avoid any risk, it is preferable to associate the module with an account that is still unused.

2. An eBay Developer Account
An eBay developer account allows you to generate the tokens useful for the module to work. The tokens allow the eBay account to be uniquely tied to the PrestaShop site.

3. A PrestaShop ecommerce site.

What does the eBay2 module do?

The eBay2 module makes it easy to synchronize products in the PrestaShop catalog with the eBay account:

1. For each new item created on PrestaShop, a new eBay listing is created with the new product.
The module synchronizes:
  1. The name of the item
  2. the description
  3. the quantity in stock
  4. the associated images
  5. the price
Product synchronization is done by category. You can choose which categories of products in your store to synchronize on eBay.
It is not mandatory to synchronize all categories.
You can also exclude some products from synchronization if necessary.

2. For each sale made on eBay, an order is created in the back office of your PrestaShop site
3. Quantities of available products are updated and synchronized after each sale made on eBay or on your site.
4. When you enter a tracking number for an order in the PrestaShop back office, it is synchronized with eBay.

The eBay module does not allow items already in your eBay store to be imported into your PrestaShop store.

The eBay2 module makes it easy to synchronize products in the PrestaShop catalog with the eBay account.

Does the module work in multi-shop environments?

Yes, it is possible to activate the module in a single shop or in all shops.
Each shop can be associated with one or more different eBay accounts.

For example, your site may consist of two shops.
- Myshop.com
- Myshop.co.uk

At the same time, you have three eBay profiles.

You can decide that the products in the Myshop.com shop will be synchronised with eBay.es and eBay.fr.
In this case, you can link both eBay accounts to the shop.

You can decide that the products of the Myshop.com.uk shop will only be synchronised with eBay.com.
In this case, you can link the eBay.com account to the shop.

If both shops share the same items in their catalogue, avoid associating the same eBay account with each shop to avoid duplicates on eBay.
For example, the same product catalogue is shared on Myshop.com and Myshop.com.uk

If both shops are associated with the eBay.com account, the module will synchronise the same items twice on eBay.com.

Here is the list of accounts that can be used with the module.


Does the eBay module allow me to sell in other countries?

You can use the module to sell your products on all eBay sites.
You can sell internationally in two ways.

1) Classic international sales:
The eBay module is linked to a single eBay site (e.g., eBay.de) and international shipping is enabled on your eBay account (e.g., to the United States and Germany).
To enable delivery to other countries, you must log into your eBay account and check the delivery terms associated with the products: https://www.bizpolicy.ebay.fr/businesspolicy/manage
The eBay2 module shows whether classic international selling is enabled on your eBay account.

2) Advanced International Sale:
The eBay module is linked to three eBay accounts (e.g., eBay US, eBay France, and eBay DE). 
Only domestic delivery is provided for each eBay account.
Products are presented on the three eBay sites (FR, US and DE) with a different price, including VAT, for each country: in each country, the price displayed is the one calculated by PrestaShop for that country. 
This method is recommended, as it allows for better management of the VAT prices of products and allows eBay to collect VAT more accurately on sales made in Europe and the UK.

What type of payment does the module accept? 

The recommended payment methods on eBay are PayPal and credit cards. In many categories they are even mandatory. 
Depending on the category, the following payment methods can also be accepted:
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Bank or personal checks
  3. Cash on delivery
  4. Payment upon delivery, also cash
Payments are processed by eBay without going through the module. Therefore, the module has no limitations on payment methods. 
When paying by check or wire transfer on the eBay Marketplace, the merchant will have to manually check the transaction and approve it in the PrestaShop back-office.

Is it possible to set a different price for products for sale on eBay?

Yes, when pairing your PrestaShop products, you can define a positive or negative price variation, either as a percentage or by defining a fixed value.
For example +5%, - 2%, +3€, -2€.

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