Problem order cancelled after partial refund

Problem order cancelled after partial refund

To make a partial refund on an order paid with Stripe, you have several options, which are explained in this article: 

When the partial refund is made through the module function, the order status is updated in PrestaShop with the status "partial refund" when it is validated.
The same status is given to the same order in the Stripe Dashboard.

But, a bug is present up to version 2.3.6 of the module: after making a partial refund, the order will change to the status 'Cancelled'.

This bug was partially corrected with version 2.3.7 of the module. 

The problem actually still occurs with later versions if the order is refunded while set to a status other than 'payment accepted'.

Here is an example:
1) If the order is set to the status "Payment accepted", the partial refund is made to the customer correctly and the order status changes to "Partial refund" (Stripe 2.3.6 and most recent)

2) If the order is set to "Shipped" status, the partial refund is made to the customer correctly but the order status changes to "Cancelled" (Stripe 2.3.6 and most recent)

To work around this problem, we suggest always changing the order status to 'Payment Accepted' before making a partial refund.
Don't forget to always update the module to the latest version.

Our development team will soon publish an update to fix this problem.
To follow the progress of this fix, you can use this link:

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