PayPal Germany multishop

PayPal Germany multishop

If you have a French merchant account (or another PayPal account, except the German one) and you are using a multishop and sale in Germany (“Germany” is selected as a default country for one of your shops), you will be asked to connect your PayPal Plus account in order to enable PayPal in the German shop. The PayPal Official module requires configuring PayPal Plus account if your default country is set as “Germany”.
If you do not have PayPal Plus account and if you want to use your PayPal Standard account you can find the possible solutions below :

– set the same default country as that of his PayPal account, as this will allow him to use PayPal Standard instead of PayPal Plus.
– install another module that allows to pay via PayPal (e.g.: PS Checkout) and deactivate our module for the German store.

Unfortunately our official module allows the customer to use only PayPal Plus if the country of the store is Germany, but other payment modules will allow using standard PayPal.

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