Module eBay2 becomes an open source

Module eBay2 becomes an open source

Launched in 2012, the official eBay module became paid in 2017 after eBay stopped sponsoring the module.

Today, in order to allow each PrestaShop merchant to start or grow its business on eBay without constraint, 202 ecommerce will publish from July 1, 2022 the Official eBay module in free license. The module code will be free and public.

From this date, 202 ecommerce will publish the code of the eBay2 module on a public Github repository to allow merchants to continue their activity with this module.
Developers who wish to do so will be able to make a "fork" to make available their patches or evolutions that they have developed. A zip containing corrections made by 202 ecommerce will be published by September 1st 2022 on Github and After this date, updates will only be available on Github.

The support of the module through will be provided until the end of the Business Care subscriptions. Once expired, these subscriptions will not be renewable. If you need support after your Business Care expires, please contact us to get a list of freelance developers or a quote.

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