How to make a partial refund for a Stripe order?

How to make a partial refund for a Stripe order?

On PrestaShop it is possible to fully or partially refund an order.

– The refund can be made on the entire order, including shipping costs.

– The refund can be partial if you want to refund only part of the items included in the order.

To make a partial refund of an order paid with Stripe, you have several options.

1) Partial refund via the Dashboard Stripe

Access your Dashboard and make a partial refund on the desired order. If Stripe validates the refund, the order status will be automatically transmitted to PrestaShop with the status “partial refund”.

2) Partial refund via the Module through the refund tab

– Go to the list of orders
– Open the order to refund and click on the Stripe tab
– Copy the payment ID

– Go to the Stripe module configuration page
– Click on the “refund” tab
– Choose “Partial refund”
– Paste the payment ID and specify the amount to be refunded
– Click on the confirmation button

If Stripe validates the refund, the order status is updated in PrestaShop with the status “partial refund” and in the Stripe Dashboard.

This procedure is recommended to refund a customer directly without going through discount codes or credits.

However, this does not allow the generation of a valid proof for accounting purposes on PrestaShop (a credit or a reduction voucher).

Don’t forget to put the refunded product(s) back in stock in your catalog.

3) Partial refund via the function offered by PrestaShop

– Go to the list of orders
– Open the order to be refunded
– Click on the “Partial refund” button

With this method, it is only possible to create a credit note or a reduction code to provide to the customer.

The order on PrestaShop will not change its status after the operation. You will need to manually change the order status to “Partial Refund”.

Therefore, use this procedure only if you wish to refund the customer through a credit or reduction voucher.

Limits of Partial Refund

Currently it is not possible to make a partial refund where the amount of the order is returned to the buyer and to have an accounting proof of the operation.
This is also due to the current limits of PrestaShop, which allows generating an accounting document only via the generation of a credit note.

Working in synergy with PrestaShop, our team plans to improve this aspect of the module in future versions.

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