How to enable separate authorization and capture option ?

How to enable separate authorization and capture option ?

Starting with Stripe version 2.1, merchants can authorize the customer’s payment and capture later.

This functionality is present in countries where the Stripe module is available on PrestaShop.

No configuration is required by the customer.


By default, this option is disabled. In the back office, you can activate it.

If the option is selected, the merchant will be able to select the states to which he wishes to capture the payment.

For example, if the module is configured to capture payment on the “Shipped” status, Stripe will automatically collect the payment when the order changes to this status.

If the option is enabled but no status has been selected for the payment capture, the option will stay inactive.

The merchant has a 7 day period to capture the payment. After 7 days, the capture it is no longer allowed.

The merchant must also choose the state he wants his order return if the 7 day deadline for capture is exceeded.

If the option is enabled and configured correctly, new orders will be displayed with the status “Waiting for Stripe capture”.

The order amount will be captured when the order status changes to one of the states chosen for acquisition in the configuration.

You can see, in the order details, the date and time of the authorization.

If the capture is not done, no date information will be visible.

Please note: in no case is it possible to change the amount to capture.