How to configure Stripe to accept payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay?

How to configure Stripe to accept payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay?

To offer these methods of payment, you have to activate the option in the Stripe configuration panel by ticking the corresponding box.

However, these payment methods have specific needs.

Apple Pay will only be displayed on Safari browser on:

– Mac running macOS Sierra or later with a TouchID.

– An iPhone or an iPad with TouchID and with a card saved in his wallet.

Finally, make sure you have verified your domain with Apple Pay

Google Pay will be displayed on desktop if these conditions are guaranteed:

– The version of Chrome 61 or newer is installed.

– A credit card has been registered.

On mobile, the user have to use:

– The Chrome Mobile Browser for Android.

– The version of Chrome 61 or newer.

– An active Google Pay card or a saved card.

No additional configuration is required to activate Google Pay.

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