FAQ: Prestashop app in Zendesk

FAQ: Prestashop app in Zendesk

In this article, we will answer on the most frequently asked questions about the Prestashop app.

1. If I have several Prestashops, can they be connected to the app in Zendesk?

- Yes, you can connect one Zendesk account to several Prestashops, but at this time there will be few "manual" manipulations to do.
Linking a shop to Zendesk domain will "destroy" the previous PrestaShop application on Zendesk.
In this case, it is recommended to rename the PrestaShop App in Zendesk before making a second installation.
Every question by a customer will have a link to his respective PrestaShop (depending on the ticket sent by the shop).

If this is your case, and you're on the step of installation of the app, do not hesitate to write us, we will be happy to help.

2. If my PrestaShop is in multishop mode, can you see from Zendesk the information of all the shops?

- Yes, you can see information from all the shops on one Zendesk account, however, this option will be upgraded and ameliorated soon to make it easier to manage multishop mode.

3. Can I see the order's information, prices in particular?

-  Yes, when you select a customer's ticket, you can see his previous orders with all the details including prices (this is an ajax request to the shop).
This link is made with the customer's email.

4.  What info from PrestaShop can I see in Zendesk?

- In Zendesk, you can see this information from PrestaShop : 
  1. Questions from the "contact us" form (creates tickets on Zendesk).
  2. Questions made in an order (public messages in the shop create tickets too).
  3. On a customer view page on Zendesk, you can see the previous orders with shipping address, products with quantity and prices.

Also, after the numerous requests of our users, an evolution will be done with the shipping tracking number and other minor updates.

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