Connection problem between the eBay account and the module

Connection problem between the eBay account and the module

The first step in the process of configuring the module is the association with the eBay profile.

Sometimes this is done via the appropriate button in the module configuration.

The link will be made by indicating the user of the eBay account and the domain linked to the account (e.g.

In some cases, however, an error may prevent the connection. In this case, the module configuration page will load without end.

This error occurs rarely but is related to an inconsistency in the account name.

If this is the first time you are configuring the module, it is extremely important to enter the correct username when creating the profile in the module.
To solve this problem, click on the bin icon to delete this incorrect profile and start the association operation again.
Since this is your first configuration, you do not risk any loss of data.
Please be careful not to delete the profile if you have already associated with your eBay account in the past and have products synchronised between PrestaShop and eBay.

In other cases, the problem may occur even after the eBay profile has already been associated with the module. This happens if the username is changed on eBay after association.
In this case, avoid deleting the eBay profile associated with the module to avoid loss of data.
To solve this problem, you will have to make the correction in the database:
You need to set the correct value for the field 'ebay_user_identifier' in the tables 'ebay_profile' and 'ebay_user_identifier_token'.

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