Compatibility with "The Checkout module"

Compatibility with "The Checkout module"

One Page Checkout modules that display the checkout funnel on a single page can cause incompatibilities with the Bridge module and, in general, with all payment modules.
In most cases, these modules redefine part of the purchase tunnel, making it impossible to update payment amounts following carrier selection. 

If the Bridge module is used with the Checkout module, this affects the display of the list of banks and prevents the payment from being finalised.

To solve this problem, you can consider two options.

1) Modify a configuration of "The Checkout" module to display the payment page separately.
Find the "Payment options on separate page" option and set its status to "Enabled".

However, this solution doesn't allow you to display the payment funnel on a single page.

2) Implement an override.
This is a patch that makes changes to the Bridge module to solve this problem.
The ovverride brings an update to the Vue javascript (front.js) to load the elements of the Bridge module correctly when the Checkout module is used.

You will need to install this patch on the shop to allow the checkout page to be displayed correctly.

Here are the steps to follow to set up the override.

a) download the necessary files here:

b) unzip the file "" on your computer. 
Use an FTP software (like FileZilla) to copy the resulting folder into your theme directory
For example, if your site has the default theme (classic) you should copy the folder to: /{SITE_DIRECTORY}/themes/classic

c) Unzip the file "" on your computer. 
Use FTP software to copy the resulting folder to the Overrides directory: /{SITE_DIRECTORY}/override

This option allows you to keep the sales funnel on one page, but the display of the payment page may change.
Therefore, check the display of the payment page and adjust the layout of the blocks through the configurations of "The Checkout" module.