4X PayPal payment information

4X PayPal payment information

4X Payment with PayPal - Introduction

The PayPal module for PrestaShop allows buyers to pay for their orders in 4 instalments  (or 3 depending on the country) without any additional fees.
This is currently possible in this country: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

The first payment is due at the time of the transaction. Subsequent payments are spread over 90 days.

When choosing the payment method, the 4X payment will be offered automatically if the customer is eligible and if the purchase is eligible.
The "4X Payment" is available to buyers under certain conditions:
- the account belongs to a natural person of 18 years old and more
- the PayPal account is registered in a country where the 4X payment has been deployed
- the PayPal account is associated with a valid debit card or a verified bank account as a source of funds

Merchants with Vaulting or recurring payment/subscription integration, as well as those with certain activities (selling digital goods/non-physical goods) are not eligible to promote 4X payments. 

If the 4X Payment application is approved, the customer enters into a contract with PayPal. This means that PayPal is the lender.
The order amount will be paid to the merchant in full.

For transactions that are not in Euros, PayPal automatically converts the transaction amount to Euros before granting the "4X Payment". Currency conversion fees apply as defined in the PayPal Terms of Service.

The merchant account must also meet certain requirements to offer 4X payment. 
These requirements are listed on the Pay Later offers (US)
Select the country where your PayPal account is registered to check the conditions.

More information on PayPal 4X payment here: Pay in 4X - Terms and conditions - PayPal

How to enable 4X payment with the PayPal module for PrestaShop

To use the payment in 4 times, the version 5.5.0 of the module must be installed on your store.
This version is compatible with PrestaShop versions higher than 1.7.1

In the configuration page of the module, it is possible to activate the payment in 4 times via the tab "Pay Later".

Once this payment method is activated, it will be possible to choose on which pages of the site to display the payment button by checking the desired boxes.
Similarly, it is possible to choose whether to display the promotional banner for payment in 4 installments and on which pages.

Adding messages to your site can help improve conversion, attract new customers and increase order value.

Activating the 4-step payment option does not prevent you from paying with the "traditional" PayPal payment.
Both PayPal payment methods will be offered during the checkout process.

Limitations of 4X payment

Language of the 4X payment promotion banner

The banner promoting the 4 times payment on the site is displayed in the language of the PayPal account associated with the shop.

If the merchant's PayPal account was created in France, the banner will be displayed in French, regardless of the language of the site.

This problem is particularly noticeable on multi-shop sites that sell in different countries with a single PayPal account.

We are aware of this problem and are working to correct it.

4X payment  is not offered on the site with some languages

Messages relating to a credit proposal are subject to specific and very restrictive legal rules.
Moreover, these rules vary from country to country.
In order to comply with these rules, PayPal cannot offer 4X payment for certain languages.

Example of a case.
The site is associated with a French PayPal account.
The customer can browse the site by choosing between three different languages:
  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Catalan
If the customer browses the site using the first two languages, 4x payment will be offered upon purchase.
If the customer browses the website in Catalan, the 4x payment will not be offered.

This is impossible 
- even if the merchant's PayPal account fits all the requirements for using the 4x payment.
- even if the buyer fits all the conditions for using the 4x payment.

Here are the languages and currencies allowed for 4X payment:

French > Euro, pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar
German > Euro, pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar
English > Euro, pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar
Italian > Euro, pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar
Spanish > Euro, pound sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar

The use of 4x payment will not be possible with other languages or currencies.

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